esiHello world! In the words of Paulo Coelho, “everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives but none about his or her own”. It came out strong, go ahead and read that the second time and reflect on how guilty you are. This statement carried me on the wings of memory to reflect on how we,almost inadvertently, view others through our own limited lenses. In our mind’s eye, we create virtual images of every individual we see.

When we see an individual we immediately rate them and EXPECT their expressions to meet our ratings, and we end up disappointed when the contrary happens. While I was helping with food at a party last weekend, a guy asked me to smile while serving. As he was walking away with his plate full I could only imagine the number of decisions he has failed to take, the wrong choices he perhaps continues to make and the fact that there are countless scenarios he could site in his life that needs redirection or shaping. Life doesn’t have to be “normal”. You don’t have to be “normal”. Do not conform to the direction of the world or your peers. Do not EXPECT others to be “normal”. “Normal” is mediocrity, it’s within your comfort zone. No one ever achieved anything great within that zone. Today, choose to, at least, have a second look at your own life before you craft that of someone else in your own myopic way. Today, choose to, at least, fix those things about yourself you’ve failed to notice. Clues on that; look deeper within objectively. Refuse to be “normal”, exit your comfort zone, discover the “you” within and find true joy. I’m ESI OTOO and I’m nauseated by the thoughts of being average, normal, within the definition of others! I vow to explore my abilities, I’m on my own voyage to true joy. Here’s my RISE FROM THE ASHES! Let’s discover scripts from the soul together. Welcome aboard. Love yourself, appreciate others. ESSYSCRIPTS!

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