imageOf all the emotions known to man, positive and negative, I have a favorite. I award it such because I think it’s mysterious(well all the other emotions are, unless you do not quite appreciate what mystery is).

When you think about it, the best kind of humans, those who LIVED and continue to LIVE not merely exist, strive to get negative energy behind them. Negative emotions rule your senses, all of it, and so does positive emotions. I cannot talk about destruction and forget anger.

There’s only one thing we can do about the meaning of this whole mortal experience-surmise.
The existence of Deity, we surmise. The things we see daily,we surmise. We surmise the ability of a relationship with another being to be worthwhile or otherwise.

Think about all the times you’ve been irritated or felt aggressively angry. The last time you felt that way what was the reason? what was your response? Was it pretty much worth it? Close your eyes for a second and reflect deeply on these three. Lately I’ve had series of reflections on the chain of responses from others that irritates me. Gossip, lies, disregard for the rights and value of other individuals etc, came up guilty. So I asked myself one simple question; “why do people choose to do the things they do to hurt others, whether inadvertently done or not?” The answer to this may defer from one person to the other, but if it makes you feel any better, you can’t decide how any other being should live their lives.

A quote I came across few years ago talks about how being human means being distinct from one another, showing attributes that makes us unique from the person next door, living our lives to fulfill our missions, if we strive enough to find out what those missions are. Little space should be given to those emotions that will do nothing but cause us to regret certain responses we impulsively give.

I could talk about a thousand effects of being or staying angry but I’d rather speak to you about something much more useful.

If it hurts that much to let things go, consider this advise I received from someone who knows someone who specializes in Psychiatry; “every animal has a huge stock of madness clogged-up somewhere in their personality or total make-up”. Now, humans are higher animals! I have come across a number of madness. Some madness is aggressively higher than other madness and some others qualify to be called ailment, I’m serious about that! So yes, if you are ever tempted to react in connection to another being’s folly, remember that even the villain in all of human race has a soft spot for goodness and consider their actions a little show of their madness or ailment,if it so qualifies to be termed as such.

The show might come as a surprise, and of course, everyone expresses their surprise at the turn of events in amazingly diverse ways. Take a few steps back, away from the scene, (because it’s quite a scene when you realize another man’s folly or madness). Breathe. Hard as it can be, smile. Someone I know pulls off an irritating laughter when he’s been irritated and it helps him forget for a while he’s just been irritated.

I think when you get angry you forfeit an amount of your dignity or value. If you haven’t noticed, anyone who does anything to irritate you longs to see you go down emotionally. Some people just love to have an upper hand over others,well, that is quite what humans were created to be, that design is in our very being but knowing that that control is to be exerted on non-humans is JOY! I’ve seen people rejoice over my weakness, some even smile or laugh when you also pull-up a reaction to show you’ve been really hurt. You may call it sadism, that’s my definition of ailment right there-humans were formed to form not deform one another! Like fighting with a pig, you both get dirty but the pig loves it more. Take time to forgive and let go of things that do not matter in the long while and as such deserves none of your energies or time.

Maybe you’ve felt guilty after reading this, it’s very much possible you’ve irritated someone and felt proud of yourself, felt happy at the sight of another’s tears or fury or frustration because of how unfairly you meted out a treatment, wherever you may fall within this text, if it doesn’t kill enough remember what ever happens does for a reason divinely instituted. How you’ve felt today is to make you stronger and better the next day and days after that. “Mormons believe wickedness never was happiness”. I believe life is full of unraveled mysteries-do not mess with the emotions of another being, DO NOT mess with the emotions of another being. Double or triple think before you act. Regrets burn like heated coal on the head of the culprit. Life is full of mysteries. Treat everyone right. Don’t ever make anyone cry. Pardon anyone who has led you to a sight of THEIR MADNESS, for all you know someone couldn’t stand yours. LOVE YOURSELF, APPRECIATE OTHERS! ESSY SCRIPTS!

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