There are those moments you wake up in the morning and everything you set eyes on explodes into little bubbles that pat your brain with joy and open up spaces in your heart to love and create amazing possibilities. There certainly are those times! Everyone has been there, it’s a crazy space!

Yet there needs to be opposition in every single thing-how else could good judgments be made? How else could an original situation be appreciated? Light and darkness, education and illiteracy, happiness or misery, acceptance and rejection, love and hatred, comedy and tragedy, mix some others up and you’ll find if you have not been let down by someone before, the presence of the other person who has got your back every single time would be of very little importance to you.

Big question is, what has been your escape plan? Next question is, does it always work for you? You may choose to find confidence in other people in moments of grief or disappointment or anything starkly opposite to what you expected to experience. Before anything else, please believe that you deserve the best, no matter who you are or all you have done right or wrong or wish you could change.

I have had a fair share of disappointments and grief and some days I just feel I really did not deserve any of all that because all I did wrong was to give love, pray and wish they go as planned before the beginning of days! Have you ever felt like that?

In retrospect, the toughest things I’ve had to deal with would be my parents’ divorce and the separation from one of my parents as a result, and being jilted by my first love(?He’s actually a very nice person still) and being jilted by my second love(☺️He’s not actually a very nice person still). Those were bad times. My life was in a mess, and I was in my lowest. I got addicted to a lot of things I would aggressively reverse should I get acquainted to a pixie who would gladly roll back the hands of time so hard they will get stuck five years back. I was alone, that not being a justification for my wrongs, so I made bad choices. I cried my heart to bed. I performed worse in school and all I went through was known to no one because the shock of the turn-out of events in my family was generous enough to hit every single person in my family. I only had a double-up with a crooked love life. I chose music…

I chose her. Boy did she rock my world! Now I realize it’s no surprise your debut mixtape T.I.N.T Album was released in my birth month.Listening to this lady gave me hope, at a point just the mention of her name got my whole being in my own perfect world devoid of negative energy. Her energy, the sound of her voice, her strength, stage performance,sense of fashion, laughter, seeing her fingers dance as she talks on Tv got to me in a way I couldn’t explain. Song after song, the words in every single piece of her music fondly lived in my memory. She is my QUEEN!

The music EFYA makes still makes so much sense to me. She talks about love, passion, anger, rejection, and I admire how uncompromisingly forthright her words are carried in a wave of emotions, swelled-up in her unique voice, as unique as her full name.Her initials is the title of this piece! I owe Deity a lot for the strength you were blessed with to begin your career, Efya-the only thing I know will ultimately bring you satisfaction and joy. The only thing that brings us joy and satisfaction is doing that thing each day which we were blessed with to do each day, and the peace that comes with discovering and honoring that is simply not inexpensive. I will forever be indebted to you.

We deserve to be happy so if you are not get aggressive about being, and channel that energy to acquiring positive energies only. I chose music, I was blessed with neo soul and jazz. I chose EFYA, or should I say, EFYA chose me! What do you choose? What would work best for you? Pray about it, meditate upon it, get curious, definitely you will find it if you work hard enough. There is this one thing that would get you up on your feet anytime opposition sets in, my prayer is that it becomes pretty much obvious to you when you seek well enough. Until then, still LOVE YOURSELF, APPRECIATE OTHERS! ESSY SCRIPTS!

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