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You’re driving on a highway. You have a destination, of course you do, else where are you heading to?

On a highway you will come across a number of other drivers, interesting characters if I should put it. If you reside in the part of the world I do, you’d classify most of these characters a little worse than just ‘interesting’, and you would be right.

First up, THE OVERTAKERS. they want to be ahead of you however possible. They seize every single advantage that presents itself. They do not seek to be ahead of you in particular, they want to be ahead of everyone else. This desire is either borne out of the need to reach their destination within the shortest possible time or just because of the pleasure that comes with staying ahead. Sometimes, they know something that could be to the common good of everyone else but they just won’t tell- how else would they “stay ahead”? To these I urge you to send a goodwill message on their quest and wave them a safe journey. Feel no intimidation, for everyone has a unique tool to create his own path.

Others drive with little caution. They are reckless, impulsive. Most of them believe any road will get them to their destination, a destination which is quite unclear to them. They go with the flow, even if that means stepping on a few toes. They succumb to the rush of adrenaline than meanders its way through their bodies. They are adventurous. The road is their stage, they know that so well and they just have to put up a good show- THE BALLOONS

THE NEVER-GO-WRONGS- they’d almost hit your bonnet and blame you for it. Those are my personal people-they’re incredible. These are reckless too, only in a funny way. They’d honk at you from behind when the traffic light hasn’t shone green yet. Curse at you and make you feel you deserved it when you don’t at all

Some others hear about you even before they meet-up with you on the road. Sometimes they refuse to form opinions of you on their own. They heard too much, way too much. They’d step on your toes and refuse to give you a chance to redeem yourself. You’re saved to get them to take a chance with you on a fresh sheet. With these I advise you keep your cool. People always hear whatever they want to. They form ideas even before you start to speak and either get disappointed or overly impressed-THE INFORMATION SILOS

Say “hello” to the RIDE-ME-INS. Their cars are parked elsewhere and they want to take a ride in another’s. If you’re fortunate you’d have the ride of your life. In my experience, they are a handful. They push you to your limits and over, they make you a better driver and help you discover new paths you never knew existed. Everyone needs a RIDE-ME-IN once in a while. At least a couple of times throughout the journey. You should know, they parked their car in search of a whole new experience, a new perspective and they choose who to ride with rather carefully. They sound too good to be true, I know. Well if it helps, they are prone to change. Human beings change-it makes us higher form of animals! Sorry I couldn’t list all the reasons they’d change. As hard as it is to throw them out your car at some point, because you’d definitely have enough at some point,I’d advise you stay a little more patient. I’ve been working on this advise myself.

So “a lion does not concern himself with the opinions of a sheep”. Why? You’re driving a Land Rover and the guy in the Peugeot calls your car out of vogue. You’d definitely love very much to educate him, use that much energy to smile at him. THE SHEEPS. Never get lower to their stage. Condescending is out of the options on the pop-up. If they are lucky enough, they might be educated by a different circumstance that’d make them remember meeting you. If they are luckier this circumstance would arrive earlier for their own benefit.

Not to brag but I’ve met all of them. Maybe I’m a pretty good driver. How old am I again? Anyway, The last time I cried it was because I did not quite understand these characters enough to appreciate their roles and where it ends. If you’re a Christian or have any form of Deity in your heart you’d bear with me that this life is only a journey. Probationary. Preparatory. If you believe there’s a “better place” all the the better! That’s our destination. So on this highway, if you do not have anything good to say about anyone else on the road say nothing at all. If you do not take the pain to appreciate these characters will you enjoy the journey? No.

A good friend once said that some drivers just need you to think for them. So you need to slow down for them when they desperately want to overtake at a curve. Methinks, they do not fully understand some rules, sad to know they never will because everyone else has the job to think for them and slow down for them to do their actions every single time when they feel like it because we’d all rather save our cars from a scratch or any other form of damage.

If you do not leave a mark on this highway well…..please just leave a good mark. At some point you’d certainly find a path or rule that’d ensure another’s smooth ride, share it, in any way possible. Believe it or not, in a world unknown to us now, we loved each other unconditionally.

Some have left incredible marks. They’ve made the journey enjoyable, they’ve planted trees so you’d feel less bored on the journey. They’ve mapped-out strategies to understand this journey better. Thanks to them a lot of things make sense. Now you believe in beauty in and around you-THE ERUDITE.

Let’s just say you are the good driver looking froward to meeting these. I hope you smile and have ‘aha’ moments when you identify them. I appreciate all of them like my palms and that’s why I can not remember the last time I cried. LOVE YOURSELF,APPRECIATE OTHERS!ESSY SCRIPTS!

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