… and there is! Woohooo! Her name is Nastya. She helps me handle the luggage while I pick some winter coats from my bag, I change some cash and buy a SIM card and we move outside to catch the bus. The weather is E.V.I.L
I get on Whatsapp quickly and text almost everyone that I was safe. We jumped in the metro to Vostania street, and it was cool having young musicians entertain travelers on the metro, it was lovely actually, and refreshing. When I finally checked into GRAFFITI hostel (with Nastya’s help of course) I was happy and shocked and anxious. Happy, I can finally take off my shoes and my bra….oh my…my bra after over 48hours….that kinda feels like some paradise, if you can relate, if you can’t, ‘sorry’. Shocked, I’d be sharing the room with boys. Uhm…yes. And Nastya replies so comfortably and shocked that something like this should be a problem for me, “this is so normal here, every hostel books boys and girls together in rooms”, she said confidently slightly making me feel naive and weird.
So I tried to settle in, actually I did settle in quickly because this was it. I went down the kitchen to cook noodles (I packed like 20 packs of indomie for emergencies). To my surprise I ate 3 packs. I ate everything I cooked and I was so shocked. I texted Qiba to tell her this and she laughed. Well it was amusing to me anyway….I ate like I had been starved for centuries. And i slept like I had been sleeping on a cane mat all my life. I slept for over 10 hours. I don’t know if this is normal or stupid, but anytime I have to do something I just think about what time it would be in Ghana and then it feels too early to do it or too late to do it. I practically do things according to Ghana time. It’s kinda stupid now, thinking about it and actually sharing that with you guys.
Uhm what else kraaaa is there to say……uhm… nothing I think except that I ate tom brown (weanimix) in the morning, without milk and I ‘Googled’ the location of my church, hoping Nastya will come around to take me there
Nastya didn’t but sweet old Polina did. She advised that I download Yandex Metro, and she took me through a quick tutorial of how to navigate through metros, when to switch metros and when not to. It’s quite cool…this app
It was cool to find the chapel and meet the missionaries. Bad news, the Russian government doesn’t allow them to evangelize anymore so they do more of office work and visiting less active members. “After the directive from the government, about 85% of the members stopped coming to church”, Elder Holstrum said.
I felt sad and grateful for the freedom we enjoy back home in Ghana and in most parts of Africa. Well I am just grateful for a lot of things.
It’s Sunday tomorrow and I hope to enjoy service.

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