….that we’d be at the airport in about 18minutes. At the first check point I was retained for a while. Why? My laptop was in my baggage. Where else should it be? In my hand or my hand luggage. I had to quickly do the switch. Flight at 16:25 and it was 15:30 when I arrived at the check-in counter. My bags are being weighed and there’s a problem. I need to move some items from the bigger bag to the smaller one. The attendants were friendly. They always are. When I straightened my back after bending for so long there was Nastya.

I was so happy and relieved to see her. Looking at her for the last time till we meet again sometime in the future was so hard but I had to fake a smile and fill this space up with happiness because she was sad, very sad and I couldn’t add up to that misery. We couldn’t possibly create a funeral out of this could we now?
I spent a while at the last security point and I had to give them almost all the IDs I had on me because, according to them, I didn’t look at all like the picture in my passport. While standing a few meters away in front of the counter, my glasses off, i watched 3 other personnels, all females, move in quick succession into the room within the space of about 10 minutes. The first personnel I met at the post looks at me and quickly into my passport, trying to make sense out of the two images. I had a hard time making out the expression on their countenances because I had to keep my glasses off my face while I looked into the camera and I couldn’t see a lot. After the third officer left I was given the nod and I moved through the gates to the final security point. When I got to my seat in the plane it was 16:22….whew! I made it! I said a prayer of gratitude and really, I couldn’t believe I actually made it. I took a mental flashback to the activities of the day before now and I almost shed tears. I really could have missed this flight. What if the guy with the snow shovel in hand wasn’t willing to help? What if he actually was but the driver arrived late? What if….? What if….?
I was truly grateful
We arrived late at DXB and I quickly took a bath, charged my gadgets and slipped into bed. When I woke up I saw the most beautiful thing. Something I’ve longed for these past weeks- a group of over 10 Ghanaians. They spoke Twi, Ewe, Fante, Ga. I felt at home, I smiled I laughed like I was gradually going crazy. I felt like a stranger and an indigene at the same time. Seeing them speak to one another with that love and care warmed my heart. It was great to see people create such beautiful camaraderie though most of them were meeting for the first time. I realized how much I had missed this then and my impatience grew even stronger- i just couldn’t wait to be home. I watched all the new movies I could on the flight, slept the most part because I really was tired. I looked at the screens keeping count as the clocked ticked slowly.

Then the announcement went that we’d be landing soon. Suddenly I felt I wanted to go back.
I texted Ato when the network on my phone got activated, (we had moved over PALACE MALL at this point). While at the baggage claim I was all smiles, and I felt some sort of joy and positive emotions I have never, ever, felt before my whole life. Few seconds after I moved throw the gates I was pleased to receive the only embraces I’d been yearning for. I wished I could just go home but I had school work to catch up on.


I felt at peace when I saw my bed.
And when menua baa texted that she’d cooked banku with okro and asked that I warm it a bit I just danced. I danced. I ate like I’d been starved for centuries. Food was good. I could swear I told my body I’d allow it rest the minute I got home but I was restless. I wanted to go everywhere. I wanted to see everyone. And so Kwaku drove us to see a few people and we attended institute in his stake which was awesome. I saw everyone again and it was lovely. I got back tired and still restless. I’m restless! I’m home!


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