Are you just happy or
Have you found true joy?
Did you find it from within you or you discovered it hanging on someone else’s rope?
Have you hanged your rope on theirs?
Have you tied the rope yet?
Does your happiness depend on the presence of someone else?

Is your happiness affected if someone who made you smile yesterday makes you sad today?
Do you get disappointed because of that?
Do you enjoy time with you alone?
Do you enjoy your thoughts about others?
Do you enjoy your thoughts about yourself?
Do you kneel when you pray or do you do otherwise?
Do you believe in the existence of a supreme being? A Deity? God?
Do you feel His presence?
How do you feel His presence?
Do you see His hand in everything you do? Or
Are you of the view that everything that happens is ultimately as a result of your own capacities?
Do you feel indebted to Him?
Do you owe people explanations for your actions?
Are these people too many?
Are these people too few?
Do they owe you some of such explanations too?
Do they even care?
Do you believe in soulmates?


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