special birthday blessings to one of my oldest friends, Leslie Ewool. On this day I wish you all the very best, may our Heavenly Father grant you strength to realise your dreams!

Karibu my friends!
It’s been ages! I MISSED YOU ALL TOO! For the next two months I’d be relating to you tales and experiences I’m hopeful to have here in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. And as well offer suggestions on exciting things you could try should you ever come to Tanzania. It’s exactly a week since I got here, and so far I’m enjoying my stay at home with my friends from China, Slovakia, Tanzania and Ghana.
I got here tired early Friday morning but I needed to communicate with family and friends and make them know that I was ok. And so I had no rest, I left for town with my friend Koba. Koba means “plastic bag” in Swahili. He tells me he was named that way because he went through a lot of challenges, medically, when he was much younger, but he survived it all. so just like the plastic bag, he is able to hold both the good and the bad; the trash, the lovely vegetables and fruits, the heavy tubers of life, everything. I think Koba is a strong and beautiful soul- but more of Koba’s tale another day.
So we got the SIM card, I came back home and reached every one, and everyone was glad I was safe. Only after that, was I able to have some sleep.
I’ve met lovely people so far and learnt quite a number of things (to be shared soon enough)
I hope I make your visits here as exciting as possible and I promise to have as much adventures to entertain and inform you. As is the case in every nation, there certainly will be issues that would make you cringe and strive to reach out to touch lives, i will get to those issues and present them to you. And I hope you will be more than excited to help.
Thanks for stopping by and see you here soon.


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