The inscription SWAHILI CULTURE is patterned with stones next to the Baobab tree at the Kaole Ruins and Museum

Aside staring at my calendar every other next hour to count how many more days I’m yet to spend here in Dar, I’ve taken time off to visit a number of places to enjoy the culture, the scenery and all other things I could possibly miss (possibly)

I’d start off with the public transportation system. I love the public transportation options in Tanzania, every single one of them, aside motor bikes(boda boda) of course, the sight of it makes me feel uncomfortable). There’s the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) which is locally known as ‘Mwendo kasi’ (literally meaning ‘fast speed), the Mini buses (Dala Dala) and my favorites, the Bajaj tricycles (popular known as ‘bajaji). Uber also works really well in Dar es Salaam, however one can’t get immediate access to these taxis in certain areas.

I still stay awed by the incredibly clean beaches here in Tanzania.

My favorite by far is the Kipepeo beach on the Kigamboni island and the sun sets beautifully there.

Bagamoyo is one of the historic places in the whole of Tanzania. The entire town can be considered as an attraction, with its rich culture and incredible history, Bagamoyo is a must see.

Ruins of the first mosque

The Kaole Ruins still holds the remains of the first mosque to be built in Tanzania and arguably, East Africa.

The oldest Baobab tree in Tanzania stands proudly here.  The first Catholic Parish was built in the town.

Bible illustrations in the original identity of Jesus

The building stands strong

The Catholic Church is behind me

still with an additional museum of the history of the Catholic church’s presence in Tanzania and other relevant information, and artifacts about the emergence of Christianity in Tanzania. Other interesting places to see in Bagamoyo would be the Archeology museum and the Mamba village which is home to crocodiles as old as 70years.

Along the beaches of Bagamoyo I experienced something I’ve never before felt. I walked over a 100meters into the sea and it never rose above my knee. It was amazing, and scary. Few minutes after 6 parts of the sea dried up quickly, parting this way and that to reveal the dry sand. I was AMAZED!

My friends from Ethiopia, Tanzania, America and the Netherlands

Tanzania sure is a lovely place. But I can’t wait to go back home.


  1. it was great having you around. … welcome back again we can visit more historical places… I miss you essy it was a short period but you inspired me am greatful I met you now am just stalking you girl ?….happy New year!!

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