My name is Samuel Nii Armah Hammond and I am excited to let you know Mormons are just like everyone else.

I was born in Osu, Accra Ghana. At the age of 8, I got baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints and I have been a member of the church till date.

I grew up in Osu just like any normal boy. I had an amazing childhood with great friends like Theophilus Allotey,Kelvin and Ekow from my primary school. We walked the streets of Osu RE after school, played games known as counters ball and four corners (ask a Ghanaian about these games ?),  and later accompanied one another home. I loved Ga kenkey with shito and fried fish,

the banku with okro stew

or the *daavi “y)) k3 gari”

which is boiled beans and grated cassava usually accompanied with fried plantain. What delicacies!

I then had the opportunity to be in the best day Senior High School in Ghana, in fact West Africa – St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School. The colour blue became my favourite after dorning the school’s blue shirt. Oh how I love Aquinas! I went through the first year hustle but I loved the *jama sessions. I learned a lot of things at this stage of my life where I developed an unusual love for music which led me to study and practice how to play the piano. I also learned how to swim, play basketball and volleyball and even found love! I learned a lot of things about my dear church too with my family having morning devotions every single morning before I left for school. I learned about Joseph Smith and his sacrifice for the Church during these effective morning devotions.

These devotions continued with me even till the university. While studying in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), I often played hymns before getting out of bed whenever I was feeling reluctant to read my scriptures. I came across really good people in KNUST including those of other nationalities and even earned the name “compiler” from coursemates which became popular amongst student members of the church. I loved Continental Hall (one of the halls of residence in the university) and its Friday charging (jama night) which was always awesome.

A group of Conti boys at a jama session

I got the opportunity to work in Union Systems Global( a banking software firm) during the long vacation of my third year as a Java developer and had a lot of opportunities to increase my knowledge and skills in this capacity. I must say that I love writing Java codes! I joined a team of developers to build very good software packages and was privileged to work with Indians, Moroccans, Americans, Isrealies and other nationalities. I continued working for Union Systems after school but took a two-year break to serve a full time mission for my church. As a missionary I had the opportunity to invite people to come unto Christ and I loved those two years of sacrifice. Now I am back to my books (my love), studying MSC Computer Science and Engineering in Univeristy of Messina, Italy. I have big hopes and dreams in the Computer Science industry. I want to achieve all there is to be achieved academically. In all my pursuits and endeavours in life, I still put God first. I don’t miss my Sunday church service and I try to love others as much as I love myself!
That is me, Samuel Nii Armah Hammond. And I am a #Mormon

*daavi– Woman or lady in Ghanaian Ewe dialect
*ye)) k3 gari– beans and gari in Ghanaian Ga dialect
*gari– grated cassava
*jama– youthful African chant rhythm
Photo credits: asanka cuisine ( banku and Kenkey images)
Kate’s cafe (beans image)
Myjoyonline (group of Conti boys “charging”)


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