There are some words to describe life; amusing, special, a journey, a construct filled with the breath of GOD. Now pause, take a few seconds and reflect on the meaning of life. How will you describe life? How will you describe your life?
Often times I’m tempted to believe that life is about the other; the other person, the other thing you actually need and not the one you want, the other healthy thought and not the one that diminishes and sets your value at naught- the other.
Our life is a game of oppositions- a battle. And the existence of others, more often that not, counts as such opposition. Life is essentially a probationary state. Luckily for us there is so much around us to help us conquer this voyage. You can name as many of those things as you deem fit but one that makes your list incomplete is the other- the other human being. If life is a construct filled with the breath of GOD then He exists in everything you see. HE is everything you see. God dwells in plant life. In the stars, the sun, the moon. Every human is a god. In Matthew 25:40 we learn that inasmuch as we have done it unto one of the least of our brethren, we have done it unto GOD. Gilbert Keith Chesterton, a British poet and philosopher beautifully describes our allegiance to each other, “we are all in the same boat in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty”. The role of the other human in this mortal life is brilliantly exquisite and we need to be grateful for the gods all around us.

Fortunately, a good number of us have been blessed with great souls whose existence only makes it easier to believe in the goodness of God and how mindful He is of us. You may look in the eyes of these people and wonder strange things about life and be filled with zest and hope for a bigger day and all the right things about your own existence. I call these great souls “my people“. Who are your people? Do you cherish them, do they know they are your people? Do you affirm your love for and appreciation to them? Do you?

Now, if we all are in the same boat in a stormy sea, wouldn’t you want to lend a hand whether or not the one that desires your help is your person or not? Would you want to cry out for help to your persons even when they are not near in sight while there are some others you could equally rely on? Everyone needs that kind of help all the time, and no one can dispute that- we owe each other a terrible loyalty.

It however becomes rather too easy to grasp our ‘people‘ and not want them to leave. And not want them to be the ‘people ‘ of any other. And not want them to be their own selves or find their own people. And want them to be ours and ours only. And want nothing but the absolute best from them. This is a fatal human flaw.

Unlike inanimate things, humans cannot be managed. Yes, you read right! You cannot manage a person. What you can do, is to manage the time you spend with them, the resources you provide at their disposal and the affection you show them. When you realize that you cannot manage another human being, your interactions with them change…for the better. You can get frustrated when your phone or your computer slows you down, those devices are built and programmed to work to perfection, without fail. You can get frustrated or even angry if your wall clock gets broken even on a new battery. You probably get where I’m going with this. But humans are not built to absolute perfection, at least not in this mortal state. If you understand that humans can not be managed, you can’t get frustrated when people don’t live up to your expectation. If you understand that, you’ll make the most out of the time spent with others and see them as the best they can become and not what they are currently. Make the most out of every opportunity to be kind and remember that the best relationships are built on love and deep sacrifices, not on mere whims and unattainable demands on the other! LOVE YOURSELF, APPRECIATE OTHERS.  ESSY SCRIPTS!


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  1. Another nice piece. Life is the people around us, how we treat them goes a long way of making our own lives better or otherwise.

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