2018 and RACISM!!!


When I was invited to feature as a guest writer on this blog, I deliberated between several topics to write about. However, I ended up deciding to write about Racism as a result of what happened to me

Yes I am one of those who just doesn’t care about all of the racism rants we hear every now and then but when reality hits you in the face, you will start to care. That has been my fate. Here’s my story;

I am a Ghanaian student pursuing a Bachelors Degree in the States and in my third year right now. I have lived with a ton of people and that is normal being a student living in student housing. I WAS “ACCUSED OF BEING AGGRESSIVE” amongst other things like making noise of which they may have had a point but I consider irrelevant. Anyways, I am here to create awareness. We are in 2018 and there are still so many shallow-minded people around! Don’t be surprised if people ask you things like how did you travel to the states? Do you have planes in Ghana? Did you ride on Lions to school growing up? How come you speak really good English??

Because the white stereotype about black people is that we are AGGRESSIVE should not be a reason to feel validated calling me “aggressive” especially when we have never for once even been confrontational with each other. This was just a big deal to me! An extremely big deal!

Well, homies will always be protected, so I decided to just move on with my life.

Let’s work hard to look at people from the lens of individuality rather than stereotypes. Stereotyping has led to the LOSS of lives!! That is not OKAYYYY!!! I am Abena. You are Karen. He is Keith.

This is my suggestion to people who are and may find themselves in an environment similar to this now and at a future time.
1. Observe, observe, observe and then you act; Be very conscious of your environment.
2. Follow your intuitions, they are there for a reason
3. Yearn for a stress-free life! It is needed
4. Once you are aware of yourself and environment, be yourself. No one should make your life a living hell! You are alive to do great things and that’s what you’re going to do!
5. Finally, this is the hard part but try not to look at people with a generic lens! We are all different people.


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