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It’s my birth month so I’m super excited for so many different reasons. I have a lot of surprises coming your way soon. But in the meantime,let’s head to the Volta Region shall we?

The Volta Region is one of my favorite regions in Ghana. It is the cleanest of all ten regions and has one of the most lovely traditional cuisines.

By lovely I mean my favorite meal, Banku and Tilapia with hot pepper.

The Volta Region is home to what I call heaven on sticks

Spicy-fried snails, yummers ❣️?

Let’s begin on a sweet note. Established in 1993, the Tafi Monkey Sanctuary is home to hundreds of Mona and Patas monkeys.

Monkeys are really cool, but I think dolphins are cooler (partly because they love to show off ?) The trick is to carry along bananas. The other trick is to make sure you hold the base of the banana you’re offering the monkey very tightly, then the monkey will have no other choice but to have a taste of the banana, bit by bit, from your hand. You get awe-striking pictures and it almost feels magical watching a monkey unwrap the banana right from your hand.

This is the cutest thing on the internet ??

If the base of the banana is not firmly held, the monkey will just grab it from off your hand, have a seat on the tree and just enjoy, who wants to be stressed?

I’ve hiked two mountains in Ghana, both in the Volta region. I’ve conquered Afadjato twice ? and Mount Adaklu once. IT WAS WORTH IT, absolutely. I can’t
forget the feeling of defeat and doubts whenever my strength wanted to embarrass me. From experience I can confidently say that although AFADJATO is the tallest, Adaklu is more difficult to conquer because it has a steeper trail, which makes the hike interesting (if you know what I mean ?)

The rush of joy and zest within you when you get to the peak is almost as though you had never felt any pains AT ALL during that process.

It is thrilling and scary just thinking about that.

Views from Mount Adaklu

I believe it teaches an important lesson about diligence, patience, long-suffering and the crown of happiness if one endures faithfully through every trial.

The conqueror

Someone once told me that someday, I’ll look back at my trials and laugh it off because although they will make sense, they won’t make any sense, any more. And right then I kissed their forehead (I miss you JAM, you’re incredible. Text meeeeeeee ?) Ok moving ooooooooon

Keta beach resort

The Wli waterfall is one of the most beautiful sites you’ll find in Ghana.

I’ve been there twice, but I loved my second visit more. I traveled with GhanaAkwantuo on that trip and as dope as their outfit is, we the travelers on that trip had the entire place to ourselves that day.

It is absolutely stunning.

The Volta Lake is the largest reservoir, man-made Lake in the world in terms of surface area (8,502 square kilometres).

The Volta Lake as seen from the Adomi bridge

The Lake stretches from Akosombo to the Northern part of the country. The construction of the lake began in 1961 and was completed 4 years after.

The Adomi bridge is as old as Ghana since independence and very well maintained.

Views from the bridge at Sogakope
Lower Volta bridge is the longest bridge in Ghana. Walking on this bridge is amazing until it feels like there’s no end in sight.

Three(3)regions down seven(7) more to be conquered.

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There’s an upcoming trip to the Central and Western Regions which promises to be more adventurous.
As always travel and stay happy. LOVE YOURSELF, APPRECIATE OTHERS!

Photo credit: @ghanaakwantuo, Ryan Hart


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