Its a new month and I am excited! I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for all the blessings I have received and continually do receive. I have been amazed at the way the LORD does His work and how He has prepared a way for all His children to return to His presence.

I am particularly grateful for the life of Sister Miradi, Sister Noella, and Brother Alain. I have watched as their testimonies have increased and their lives changed.


Their baptism and confirmation brought me such inexplicable joy. Truly the restored gospel of JESUS CHRIST and His doctrines are the balm that heal our hearts. The restored gospel of JESUS CHRIST has the power to change lives for the better forever!

The baptism of these sisters reminds me of my own baptismal day over a decade ago. I look back at that day with so much joy in my heart and gratitude to my Heavenly Father for the lives of Elder Larbie and Elder Duff who brought the message of the restored gospel to my mother and I. Today, I am grateful to be in a humbling position to invite others to come unto CHRIST. It gives me such great joy.
           I have discovered the power in sincere and personal testimonies. Such testimonies have helped our interested people to respect and keep their commitments and receive blessings they stand in need of. Our Heavenly Father finds joy when WE are happy. Our Heavenly Father finds joy when we use our agency wisely to stand as witnesses of Him AT ALL TIMES and IN ALL THINGS and IN ALL PLACES! He will not forsake us, we are His children. HE HAS GRAVEN US UPON THE PALMS OF HIS HANDS! We are a delight to Him!
          I know GOD lives and knows us. He has prepared a way for us to find joy always.If we remain steadfast and immovable and always abound in GOOD WORKS? He will cause great miracles in our lives and we shall surely know that HE KNOWS US PERSONALLY.

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