So much has happened and I think my missionary service just got AWESOME and every minute gets me excited. Today, I think about my journey so far in DR Congo, Kinshasa and I have no doubt in my mind that my Heavenly Father had a purpose for my being here among His children in this particular part of the world.

While Elder Renlund was here in March during the consecration of the Kinshasa Temple, he met with all the missionaries here and one of the invitations he extended out to us was to pray and ask the LORD why He had called us to labor in this specific vineyard. He promised that if we did, the LORD would reveal His purpose and plans to each of us and that knowledge would change our lives and influence our service to Him positively. I did, and the answers came. The answers came and pretty loudly too, I couldn’t miss it. I’d like to share a few with you. TWO THINGS; THE PLAN OF SALVATION and THE BOOK OF MORMON

The LORD called me to serve here so I could understand more fully His plan for me and for all His children. I’ve learnt more about my identity and that knowledge has and continues to influence my daily choices, and frankly, I believe it will for the rest of my life.


THE PLAN OF SALVATION teaches us that we lived in the presence of GOD and learnt about His plan of happiness for us before we came to earth. We’re here on earth to live by faith, make and keep sacred covenants with Him, and gain necessary experiences to become like Him someday. The joys and trials are necessary! Every soul that crosses our path is a special part of the plan.



Everything that happens in our lives is divinely orchestrated! EVERYTHING! You are not a full time missionary but YOUR LIFE IS YOUR MISSION! I invite you to pray and ask your Heavenly Father to help you understand the depths of your mission here on earth, to help you understand why you are here and what you can do you fulfill His purposes for you, and I promise you He will answer. Why? Because He is literally your Father, and His love for you is IMMESURABLE and He will stop at nothing to help you understand your divine nature and the steps you must take to go back home to Him after this life. And if you want to learn more about GOD’s plan of happiness, you can speak to missionaries of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints today by clicking here


The Book of Mormon is my favorite book! I can talk all day about it because it’s an incredible source of joy to me and I’ve seen how it’s changed the lives of many others. Frere Mardochee is one of our interested people. The first time we spoke to him we felt prompted to immediately speak about the Book of Mormon and to invite him to read, and so we did. Our second appointment was two weeks later and we were marvelled to learn that he had read from 1 Nephi through to the end of the book of Mosiah. He started reading and just couldn’t stop. I leave with you his testimony, “I know the Book of Mormon is true and I know it comes form GOD. It’s taught me important truths and has increased my knowledge and wisodm”. Amidst smiles he added, ” now I can say like you do that the Book of Mormon is true”.

One important truth the Book of Mormon teaches is that “men are to have joy”. I pray that you work at discovering the Lord’s plan for you and may that knowledge add to your joy through this mortal journey. FIND JOY!

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