a love letter to my FRIENDS who are not yet members of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints: Ameyaw,Derrick, Eddy,Ekow Nunoo, Eric, Henry,Jason,Jesse,Joey B, Julius,Kabenlah, Kingsley, Kwame Blaywood, Laura, Liya,Makafui,Mitch, Okini, Phil, Phish, Phoebe, Rabby,Steve,Watson, Wisdom

Dear golden human,

When I was much younger my mother had a strong will to ensure that I only had members of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of latter day saints as friends. That would be the wish of every mother who sees the turns of the world and fears for the spiritual well-being of her child.

My mom is an incredible kind of special.I’ll tell you how. The last time I spoke with her she whispered “finish hard” and then when I said, “thank you” she shouted amidst laughter, “finish haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard”. Special. 

Every single time I’ve had to travel,  she’d make sure to go with me to the airport. We’d hug when it’s time for me to go and then few seconds after I start walking away, she’d call out my name and give me a thumbs-up while smiling and hold it up all the way till I move out of sight. I know she holds it up all the way because I see it when I turn around one last time before I go out of sight. I’ve always found that comical but that’s my mom. Special.

But something within me knew I had to create a balance and so I did and that’s one decision I don’t regret making, because really are we not all children of GOD and heirs to the wonderful plan of happiness He has prepared for us, even in being on earth and striving to be better daily?

I really LOVE good relationships- the ones I have with all of you. And I cherish all the moments we spent especially the laughter. You guys are an incredible part of my existence. Whenever I read a book I think about some of you. When I listen to new music I think about some of you. When I travel and discover cool stuff I think about some of us. And lately I think about you when I look into the eyes of the people I preach repentance to. So many elements of my life has sweet breaths of you in them and I cherish, with all my heart, the opportunity to call you MY FRIENDS! And I know we were meant to be! And I miss you guys!

sometimes purple could reign too


I’d like to begin by saying that I’m having the time of my life. I’m learning so much about myself, my maker, and my purpose here on earth. It’s exciting to understand and know without a doubt your purpose here on earth and the life that awaits you after this wonderful period here. That is the fountain of the strength I gain each day to go out and preach this gospel which advances our knowledge about GOD and His purposes for us. It’s truly been humbling being a missionary and having the authority to do this work.


I know that our Heavenly Father loves you infinitely and wants you to know Him more. I invite you personally to lean on GOD and His promises for you. Remember always His loving kindness and patience towards you. It does not matter how far away you have been from Him He always is ready to welcome you with open arms. I promise you that if you will read the Book of Mormon and pray to Him daily, your love for Him will increase and the desire to choose to obey His will in your thoughts, words, and actions will be deposited in you.

You will find TRUE JOY.  Not the fleeting kind. Not the kind that’s dependent or conditional. But true, lasting joy. The kind that stays even in troubling times and in the face of much hopelessness. Why? Because CHRIST is our hope and He is the way.

I’ve come to love the Book of Mormon so much. I think it’s a priceless asset we have in these last days. It has helped me learn the true nature of GOD and has increased my understanding and testimony about Christianity. I’ve learnt several precious truths and promises from this book. I can say I have grown closer to God by reading the Book of Mormon and applying the counsels it gives. It is a wonderful volume of scripture and truly another testament of JESUS CHRIST. It will be a blessing to you if you will read it and do so prayerfully. The Spirit of the GOD will guide you in your search for truth.

I always pray that you meet with missionaries from the Church and I PRAY THAT YOU GET HOLD OF A COPY OF THE BOOK OF MORMON from them. All that I am and the JOY I have in abundance stems  from my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I know it’s true. I do. Such joy is my wish for you.


I’ll be home before you know it. Stay strong. Stay strong.


Your friend,





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