I know it’s been a while. I know that too well. Let me begin by saying I had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER! For the first time on my birthday I didn’t place the focus on me. This year I was blessed to have had the privilege to serve GOD fully on my birthday and proclaim His restored gospel. 

We taught Frere Jean Jacques who was an interested person who entered the Temple Square on the 19th November because of the sign that said “BIENVENUE AUX VISITEURS”. He said he felt assured that he’d be well received. He has been away from the capital for close to 20 years and now his family has decided to move here permanently. After we shared the lesson of the Restoration with him, I asked what his thoughts and feelings were about it and he said with joy that he feels he’s discovered the truth and he feels deep within that he would sacrifice everything to be in this truth if GOD helps him understand that he really needs to.


I felt fulfilled, and this encounter was the highlight of my day! Although I’ve been transferred from that area I still keep track of his progress and I’m excited he still attends church meetings and is preparing for his baptismal service.

On my mum’s birthday which was three days after mine, I had the honor of holding my 14th baptismal service, and that in my view was the greatest gift I could give her. The conversion stories of these two brothers, Bienvenu et Floran, amazes me and goes to tell just how much  the LORD knows and cares for His children.


One time in his dreams, he found himself entering the church meeting house. He wanted to use the backgate but was by someone to use the frontgate. When he entered he was welcomed by two young ladies who introduced themselves and  spoke for a while. When he woke up, he felt such a strong impression that it was time for him to begin learning more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And for the first time he accepted the invitation by a neighbor who is a member of the Church. When he did make it, just like it was in his dreams, he was welcomed by two young ladies, my companion and I, and yes we did speak with him and visited with him and in the process, he gained a testimony of the restored gospel by reading THE BOOK OF MORMON. And now when he bears his testimony I feel so much joy from deep within. I love being a missionary. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be at this time of my life than in the LORD’s vineyard, being an instrument and increasing my joy CONSISTENTLY.


Christmas came earlier AND WE HAD SO MUCH FUN OUR OWN WAY, with our mission President and his family. The day doubled up as my companion’s birthday (whhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaat bring on the cuteness)


I think I’m actually having a good time and CHRISTMAS JUST GOT LIT!

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