My missionary experience was extraordinary. Everything from how it began to how it’s ended goes to show that it was meant to be an enriching ride for me.
I entered the Missionary Training Center (MTC) two days after my birthday in 2018 and my mum turned 61 the next day!


I spent 17 months of my missionary service in the Kinshasa West mission and ended my service in the Ghana Kumasi Mission. And I got picked-up at the end of my mission from the MTC and not the Kotoka International Airport! Oui, extraordinaire!!!

So at the heights of the COVID-19 cases, the missionary department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints deemed it fit to bring all missionaries serving away from home back home, following the Prophet’s counsel.

Ghanafuor at the N’djili International Airport, Kinshasa.
These  missionaries were to be reassigned to missions in their home countries. That was how I returned to Ghana on the 20th of March 2020 and took another flight to Kumasi from Accra, the same day, to my new mission.

All Ghanaian missionaries who were serving in the Kinshasa West and East missions at the Kotoka International Airport.
The experience in Kumasi was lovely. It was lovely and challenging.

With Sister Thurston (second from left) and two Tahitien sisters at the Ghana Kumasi mission home.

I had to adjust to waking up in the morning as a missionary and not thinking about an interested person (people who are taking missionary lessons) or planning lessons for them. We couldn’t go out to find or teach because of lockdown. Thankfully Sister Webster and the Thurstons (couple missionaries at the mission office) were inspired to send us daily study topics and discussion questions, as well as daily fun activities we could do indoors with our companions. It was truly inspired. I personally felt that each day was special, regardless of current circumstances, because of the comfort and strength I received each time I studied those scriptures.

While I was at the MTC at the beginning of my mission, we watched several devotionals with the Apostles. One of the counsels that I always held dear was to go through my mission with the END in mind. Which meant that I needed to understand that my choices while on mission will eventually influence how I felt at the end of my mission. Each day I woke up, I thought about how I wanted to feel when I met my family and dear ones at the Kotoka International Airport at the end of my mission. I wanted to look into their eyes with a sense of fulfillment and joy that I served wholeheartedly and still kept my integrity. I’m super grateful for the guidance of the Spirit in making choices and being true to myself and the capacities my Heavenly Father has endowed me with. My family and dear ones couldn’t meet me at the airport because all airports were (and still are) closed to domestic and international flights (except chartered ones of course). So I came back to Accra on a bus that carried missionaries going back home to the Philippines, Australia, Tahiti, Tonga and the Samoan Islands on a chartered flight from Accra. The Church got a pass from the security services to get these missionaries safely to Accra for their flight (because there was a lockdown at the time) and I was just piviledged to have had an amazing mission President who knew me and thought about me enough to make it possible for me to be on that bus and return home safely after my mission.

President and Sister Webster ❤️❤️

It’s truly been INCREDIBLE and LIFE-CHANGING. I’m going to prepare a blogpost on lessons I learnt from my missionary service. If you’ve been a regular reader on here you might have already understood a few of those lessons and counsels.

What I did to my daily planners to make life bearable
Each planner has a unique story
Closing moments

Kindly leave a comment if there’s a particular aspect of my missionary service you’d like to know more about.

Please don’t call me Sœur Otoo ?



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