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HAPPY NEW MONTH! It snowed a lot yesterday! Our friends who’ve been living here for over ten years tell us that the amount of snow we had today was a lot as compared to previous years. Maybe it’s the beginning of abundance!

When I woke up at around 7am yesterday Ewuraba was still asleep. I smiled at her and stealthily moved out of bed. For the past few days we’ve been sharing our bed with her.

My nights are slowly becoming tiring. Ewuraba feeds and easily settles to sleep on my shoulder or on Ekow’s but somehow suddenly springs up from sleep immediately she’s lowered into her cot. It doesn’t matter how long she’s been sleeping for while being carried, when her back or, in some instances, her chest touches the sheets in her cot or on our bed she’ll wake up. Ekow calls it the “activation of the back sensors”. She starts crying and no amount of gentle taps or reassurances can get her to calm down and settle back to sleep. The only way I can coax her back to sleep is by reinstating her to the shoulder position or laying next to her. She simply will not sleep if mummy isn’t next to her. It’s as though she senses if I’m next to her or away! Sometimes I quickly run away from bed after I’d stayed with her until she has fallen asleep. It takes less than 10 minutes to hear her voice in loud cries streaming from the bedroom right into the living room. It’s been a struggle!

She also wants to be fed more often and I love having her close to me, but I miss having some time for myself to read or just to lay down and rest. She takes short naps within the day and plays a lot. She communicates too and loves to laugh at the funny faces I make at her, and she smiles at the sound of my voice. It warms my heart to know that I’m capable of bringing some joy and sunshine into her life.

Yesterday she took one of her short naps at exactly 6:44pm. As I was gently laying her down in bed, Ekow teasingly said, “why’re you stressing, you know she’s going to wake up immediately her back touches the bed”. I told him I was very confident she wasn’t. So we made a wager on that. If she wakes up within the next 10minutes I lose but if she doesn’t I win some chocolates. It was a particular chocolate brand I hadn’t yet tasted so I was game on the wager! While in the kitchen, I rushed my wrist watch across Ekow’s face with pride- it was 6:54pm! Immediately he handed the chocolates to me Ewuraba woke up crying- it was 6:57pm!

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