I know it’s been a while. I know that too well. Let me begin by saying I had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER! For the first time on my birthday I didn’t place the focus on me. This year I was blessed to have had the privilege to serve GOD fully on my birthday and proclaim His restored gospel.  Continue reading “CHRISTMAS JUST GOT LIT”


Few weeks ago I was blessed with the opportunity to visit and teach one of my recent converts while I was on a companionship exchange. It was a really special moment for me AND THE HUG I RECEIVED FROM HER WAS THE SWEETEST AND WARMEST I’ve received since I’ve been here. Mery works in the Primary Presidency in her ward now and her husband, Yannick, serves with the Presidency of the Elder’s Quorum. They make a brilliant couple and their faith and testimony lightens up mine. Their conversion story helps me understand to what extent GOD is mindful of His children. One Sunday morning Yannick felt prompted to visit the church and learn more about our beliefs. He says when he walked through the gates he knew he was going to stay for good. My companion at the time was Soeur Tobi (from Togo). She and I continued teaching and visiting with him. On one of our appointments at the meeting house, he came along with his wife and together they learnt principles that resonated so much with them. A month later they were both baptized on the same day, and that day was my dad’s birthday so that was somewhat special for me.

On this special visit with her, my companion asked that she shared her testimony of the restored gospel with us. After a long silence, she picked up her copy of the Book of Mormon and said, “je sais que l’eglise est vraie; est vraie, est vraie parce qu’on ne nous enseigne que les verites”. While she repeated the words “est vraie”, tears filled up my eyes. I was and still am thankful for her life, for her faith and devotion and the light I see in her eyes is really lovely. I know this gospel changes lives forever, and I’m so thankful Mary calls me her FRIEND.

It’s actually a big deal for me to have her consider me her friend. I think it’s a really sweet thing to show love to the people we teach. Without LOVE it’s not even real, it’s a lost cause. Pure love, true love, sprouts miracles. As Mormon put it in Moroni 8:16, “perfect love casteth out all fear”.

I’ve refelected on some miracles that perfect love could bring about. My brother Felix is currently reading the Book of Mormon. I never thought he would because he had so much doubts, he still does have them but his willingness to read the Book of Mormon now is a  great step to his conversion. And this miracle was brought about by two missionaries he affectionately calls his “paddies”.  He says he smiles when he sees them at his doorstep and he lets them in. Thanks to the love these missionaies show to my brother, he takes his copy of the Book of Mormon to work and he reads it. This miracle is one of the greatest I’ve experienced so far this year.

“Perfect love casteth out all fear”. And as the year crawls to an end, I invite you to try LOVE.

Try LOVE in all your relationships

Try LOVE when you want to teach principles

Try LOVE in all you do.

my kind, wise friend known in popular circles as my Mission President

In my companionships, I’ve realized showing love and affection for my companions erases all doubts and wrongs and hurts. It could be difficult and I could be as sad and confused as ever but when I look into their eyes and say “n’oubliez jamais que je vous aime”, and mean it, my fears and sadness stay swept away. So try LOVE!

When we’re full of LOVE, we see people the way the Savior sees them, not as limited as they are by their weaknesses but as the best selves they could become. And always remember the most difficult people to LOVE are probably the ones who actually and truly need LOVE.

So try LOVE!



I’m here again, I didn’t take too long, I knoooooow! If you haven’t yet checked out EPISODE 1 you can do so, click here
It’s my birth month so I’m super excited for so many different reasons. I have a lot of surprises coming your way soon. But in the meantime,let’s head to the Volta Region shall we?

The Volta Region is one of my favorite regions in Ghana. It is the cleanest of all ten regions and has one of the most lovely traditional cuisines.

By lovely I mean my favorite meal, Banku and Tilapia with hot pepper.
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You may or may not have heard about Ghana. Ghana is one of the greatest countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, the first to have gained independence from colonial masters and undoubtedly the gateway to Africa. Ghana is the land of my birth. I was born in the Central Region, which makes me a Fante (from the prestigious Akan tribe), but I grew up in the West.
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The inscription SWAHILI CULTURE is patterned with stones next to the Baobab tree at the Kaole Ruins and Museum

Aside staring at my calendar every other next hour to count how many more days I’m yet to spend here in Dar, I’ve taken time off to visit a number of places to enjoy the culture, the scenery and all other things I could possibly miss (possibly)



special birthday blessings to one of my oldest friends, Leslie Ewool. On this day I wish you all the very best, may our Heavenly Father grant you strength to realise your dreams!

Karibu my friends!
It’s been ages! I MISSED YOU ALL TOO! For the next two months I’d be relating to you tales and experiences I’m hopeful to have here in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. And as well offer suggestions on exciting things you could try should you ever come to Tanzania. Continue reading “NAFSI YANGU TANZANIA ??”



….that we’d be at the airport in about 18minutes. At the first check point I was retained for a while. Why? My laptop was in my baggage. Where else should it be? In my hand or my hand luggage. I had to quickly do the switch. Flight at 16:25 and it was 15:30 when I arrived at the check-in counter. My bags are being weighed and there’s a problem. I need to move some items from the bigger bag to the smaller one. The attendants were friendly. They always are. When I straightened my back after bending for so long there was Nastya.

I was so happy and relieved to see her. Looking at her for the last time till we meet again sometime in the future was so hard but I had to fake a smile and fill this space up with happiness because she was sad, very sad and I couldn’t add up to that misery. We couldn’t possibly create a funeral out of this could we now?
I spent a while at the last security point and I had to give them almost all the IDs I had on me because, according to them, I didn’t look at all like the picture in my passport. While standing a few meters away in front of the counter, my glasses off, i watched 3 other personnels, all females, move in quick succession into the room within the space of about 10 minutes. The first personnel I met at the post looks at me and quickly into my passport, trying to make sense out of the two images. I had a hard time making out the expression on their countenances because I had to keep my glasses off my face while I looked into the camera and I couldn’t see a lot. After the third officer left I was given the nod and I moved through the gates to the final security point. When I got to my seat in the plane it was 16:22….whew! I made it! I said a prayer of gratitude and really, I couldn’t believe I actually made it. I took a mental flashback to the activities of the day before now and I almost shed tears. I really could have missed this flight. What if the guy with the snow shovel in hand wasn’t willing to help? What if he actually was but the driver arrived late? What if….? What if….?
I was truly grateful
We arrived late at DXB and I quickly took a bath, charged my gadgets and slipped into bed. When I woke up I saw the most beautiful thing. Something I’ve longed for these past weeks- a group of over 10 Ghanaians. They spoke Twi, Ewe, Fante, Ga. I felt at home, I smiled I laughed like I was gradually going crazy. I felt like a stranger and an indigene at the same time. Seeing them speak to one another with that love and care warmed my heart. It was great to see people create such beautiful camaraderie though most of them were meeting for the first time. I realized how much I had missed this then and my impatience grew even stronger- i just couldn’t wait to be home. I watched all the new movies I could on the flight, slept the most part because I really was tired. I looked at the screens keeping count as the clocked ticked slowly.

Then the announcement went that we’d be landing soon. Suddenly I felt I wanted to go back.
I texted Ato when the network on my phone got activated, (we had moved over PALACE MALL at this point). While at the baggage claim I was all smiles, and I felt some sort of joy and positive emotions I have never, ever, felt before my whole life. Few seconds after I moved throw the gates I was pleased to receive the only embraces I’d been yearning for. I wished I could just go home but I had school work to catch up on.


I felt at peace when I saw my bed.
And when menua baa texted that she’d cooked banku with okro and asked that I warm it a bit I just danced. I danced. I ate like I’d been starved for centuries. Food was good. I could swear I told my body I’d allow it rest the minute I got home but I was restless. I wanted to go everywhere. I wanted to see everyone. And so Kwaku drove us to see a few people and we attended institute in his stake which was awesome. I saw everyone again and it was lovely. I got back tired and still restless. I’m restless! I’m home!


From 5th-9th February 2017

I scrutinized every single element at church today. As though I’ve never set eyes on them. As though those walls were unfamiliar to me and the rooms wasted, alien spaces. I savoured the sacrament. I sang the hymns with much joy, and sadness, and, somewhat, confusion. There’s no joy when any journey’s end is in sight. We seem to believe that once we get what we need all becomes well and the whole world is at peace. Unless you get to that end, you’d never know how miserable it is to realize what you always hoped, even prayed, for. For a while reality will need a bit of time to comfortably fit in with the flow you were used to, and then all will make sense shortly after.
It’s the first Sunday of the month so it’s  a Fast and Testimony Sunday. The testimonies of the members were so beautiful and heartfelt. I felt connected to their faith and joy and strength.

Impressions from the testimonies I heard

I got a new friend through another very great friend and we’ve been in great conversations. So most of my time from Monday till Thursday were occupied with this friend, a few books, music, enjoying my new phone and revising my dissertation.

On Thursday morning I woke up sad. I left the house with Oxana.

The last time I saw Oxanah

She had to go to work and I had to go to the post office to pick up a package for a family back home, and run errands for my sister,pick the metro back home and  go to the forex bureau. I got back an hour later than I had planned or anticipated. I had to fix those stuff into my baggage somehow and when by the time I was done I was panting, heavily.
I moved my bags downstairs and right after the gate automatically locked I realized how silly I had been. I should have stayed inside and ordered a taxi using the wifi network. Now I was outside the gates, and I almost felt I could help myself out by just shooting myself dead. Immediately i set eyes on one of the gentlemen who helps with snow clearing and removal in the area i said a prayer and walked towards him. In very few words and with the help of my translator he understood me and made an attempt to call a taxi for me which didn’t work out. He then approached two other men who came to the parking space to move their car and they helped us, actually me, out. He assured me that the taxi will be with me in 5 minutes and the taxi pulled right in front of my gate in exactly 5 minutes. I was so thankful. At this point I was getting so impatient. 7 minutes into the trip and Nastya was already at the airport waiting for me. 10 minutes into the journey and a part of me felt the driver was planning something fishy. To kidnap me maybe, or something worse. He was making calls all of a sudden and texting and driving simultaneously. I was terrified! I called Nastya and had her speak with him just so I feel safe. When I got my phone back she told me to…

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