This week has been great. On Tuesday I took a virtual course that I’ve been preparing for in a while. It was totally worth it. I love the lessons I took from that. Ewuraba is able to sit without support now and she finally likes her pacifier. This week she’s taken some purée. She’s tried apple, carrots, and potatoes so far, and loves clementines and grapes too. Her excitement when we bring our meals to the dining table also makes us smile. We know she’s totally so ready for some solids.

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Last year started off great for me. I returned from serving as a full time missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I finally reunited with friends and family after 18 months. I loved my missionary service and enjoyed the opportunity to serve and bring others unto CHRIST.

Few months after my return, I got married to one of the kindest gentlemen I know. As someone who enjoys children and family life, I wanted to be pregnant the next month after our wedding. I prayed for it, fasted for it, channeled my thoughts and energy towards this goal. But things took a slightly different turn.

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I am so excited for so many different things. I know it’s going to be a good year for too many different reasons. The most convincing reason is that ALL members of the Church of  Jesus CHRIST of Latter Day Saints will be studying the Book of Mormon througout the year with the “Come, Follow Me” manual. Continue reading ““OUR FEARS DID CEASE…””


Few weeks ago I was blessed with the opportunity to visit and teach one of my recent converts while I was on a companionship exchange. It was a really special moment for me AND THE HUG I RECEIVED FROM HER WAS THE SWEETEST AND WARMEST I’ve received since I’ve been here. Mery works in the Primary Presidency in her ward now and her husband, Yannick, serves with the Presidency of the Elder’s Quorum. They make a brilliant couple and their faith and testimony lightens up mine. Their conversion story helps me understand to what extent GOD is mindful of His children. One Sunday morning Yannick felt prompted to visit the church and learn more about our beliefs. He says when he walked through the gates he knew he was going to stay for good. My companion at the time was Soeur Tobi (from Togo). She and I continued teaching and visiting with him. On one of our appointments at the meeting house, he came along with his wife and together they learnt principles that resonated so much with them. A month later they were both baptized on the same day, and that day was my dad’s birthday so that was somewhat special for me.

On this special visit with her, my companion asked that she shared her testimony of the restored gospel with us. After a long silence, she picked up her copy of the Book of Mormon and said, “je sais que l’eglise est vraie; est vraie, est vraie parce qu’on ne nous enseigne que les verites”. While she repeated the words “est vraie”, tears filled up my eyes. I was and still am thankful for her life, for her faith and devotion and the light I see in her eyes is really lovely. I know this gospel changes lives forever, and I’m so thankful Mary calls me her FRIEND.

It’s actually a big deal for me to have her consider me her friend. I think it’s a really sweet thing to show love to the people we teach. Without LOVE it’s not even real, it’s a lost cause. Pure love, true love, sprouts miracles. As Mormon put it in Moroni 8:16, “perfect love casteth out all fear”.

I’ve refelected on some miracles that perfect love could bring about. My brother Felix is currently reading the Book of Mormon. I never thought he would because he had so much doubts, he still does have them but his willingness to read the Book of Mormon now is a  great step to his conversion. And this miracle was brought about by two missionaries he affectionately calls his “paddies”.  He says he smiles when he sees them at his doorstep and he lets them in. Thanks to the love these missionaies show to my brother, he takes his copy of the Book of Mormon to work and he reads it. This miracle is one of the greatest I’ve experienced so far this year.

“Perfect love casteth out all fear”. And as the year crawls to an end, I invite you to try LOVE.

Try LOVE in all your relationships

Try LOVE when you want to teach principles

Try LOVE in all you do.

my kind, wise friend known in popular circles as my Mission President

In my companionships, I’ve realized showing love and affection for my companions erases all doubts and wrongs and hurts. It could be difficult and I could be as sad and confused as ever but when I look into their eyes and say “n’oubliez jamais que je vous aime”, and mean it, my fears and sadness stay swept away. So try LOVE!

When we’re full of LOVE, we see people the way the Savior sees them, not as limited as they are by their weaknesses but as the best selves they could become. And always remember the most difficult people to LOVE are probably the ones who actually and truly need LOVE.

So try LOVE!



a love letter to my FRIENDS who are not yet members of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints: Ameyaw,Derrick, Eddy,Ekow Nunoo, Eric, Henry,Jason,Jesse,Joey B, Julius,Kabenlah, Kingsley, Kwame Blaywood, Laura, Liya,Makafui,Mitch, Okini, Phil, Phish, Phoebe, Rabby,Steve,Watson, Wisdom

Dear golden human,

When I was much younger my mother had a strong will to ensure that I only had members of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of latter day saints as friends. That would be the wish of every mother who sees the turns of the world and fears for the spiritual well-being of her child. Continue reading “TO THE GOLDEN HUMANS”


So much has happened and I think my missionary service just got AWESOME and every minute gets me excited. Today, I think about my journey so far in DR Congo, Kinshasa and I have no doubt in my mind that my Heavenly Father had a purpose for my being here among His children in this particular part of the world.

While Elder Renlund was here in March during the consecration of the Kinshasa Temple, he met with all the missionaries here and one of the invitations he extended out to us was to pray and ask the LORD why He had called us to labor in this specific vineyard. He promised that if we did, the LORD would reveal His purpose and plans to each of us and that knowledge would change our lives and influence our service to Him positively. I did, and the answers came. The answers came and pretty loudly too, I couldn’t miss it. I’d like to share a few with you. TWO THINGS; THE PLAN OF SALVATION and THE BOOK OF MORMON

The LORD called me to serve here so I could understand more fully His plan for me and for all His children. I’ve learnt more about my identity and that knowledge has and continues to influence my daily choices, and frankly, I believe it will for the rest of my life.


THE PLAN OF SALVATION teaches us that we lived in the presence of GOD and learnt about His plan of happiness for us before we came to earth. We’re here on earth to live by faith, make and keep sacred covenants with Him, and gain necessary experiences to become like Him someday. The joys and trials are necessary! Every soul that crosses our path is a special part of the plan.



Everything that happens in our lives is divinely orchestrated! EVERYTHING! You are not a full time missionary but YOUR LIFE IS YOUR MISSION! I invite you to pray and ask your Heavenly Father to help you understand the depths of your mission here on earth, to help you understand why you are here and what you can do you fulfill His purposes for you, and I promise you He will answer. Why? Because He is literally your Father, and His love for you is IMMESURABLE and He will stop at nothing to help you understand your divine nature and the steps you must take to go back home to Him after this life. And if you want to learn more about GOD’s plan of happiness, you can speak to missionaries of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints today by clicking here


The Book of Mormon is my favorite book! I can talk all day about it because it’s an incredible source of joy to me and I’ve seen how it’s changed the lives of many others. Frere Mardochee is one of our interested people. The first time we spoke to him we felt prompted to immediately speak about the Book of Mormon and to invite him to read, and so we did. Our second appointment was two weeks later and we were marvelled to learn that he had read from 1 Nephi through to the end of the book of Mosiah. He started reading and just couldn’t stop. I leave with you his testimony, “I know the Book of Mormon is true and I know it comes form GOD. It’s taught me important truths and has increased my knowledge and wisodm”. Amidst smiles he added, ” now I can say like you do that the Book of Mormon is true”.

One important truth the Book of Mormon teaches is that “men are to have joy”. I pray that you work at discovering the Lord’s plan for you and may that knowledge add to your joy through this mortal journey. FIND JOY!

2018 and RACISM!!!


When I was invited to feature as a guest writer on this blog, I deliberated between several topics to write about. However, I ended up deciding to write about Racism as a result of what happened to me

Yes I am one of those who just doesn’t care about all of the racism rants we hear every now and then but when reality hits you in the face, you will start to care. That has been my fate. Here’s my story;
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