For Fred

let the light from deep within take over
All life has for you soon will uncover
Your very existence is proof, you’re worth more than a clime

All in its own time
The sun before the moon
A caterpillar before a stunning butterfly
Laughter and smiles,
Before a little impatient cry

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You broke my soul,
and stitched it back
A beautiful pattern left desolate along the seems of hope
Of determination
Of a broken dream
Imagine the intensity of the soul’s desires
Imagine the depth of its quest of a being
A longing
A haven
You’re my haven
You’re my longing
You’re my being
Fill my soul up
with your gorgeous imperfections
But remember to tear it apart over and over and over

Photo Credit- PhishEye


Her song was soul mixed with jazz and country in between
Her love outgrew the numbers counted of the stars
And so She did not walk carefully,
this blue-lipped girl
Her toes tipped over each other and her feet bounced as they joined in the rhythm of the perfectly shaped days
These motions all championed by the happiness of someone else
The blue-lipped girl lives in a world of her own
Sings to her own heart beats
Yet dances in another’s shoes

Some days were gloomy, and some were bright
Somedays she looked within and saw what’s right
Some moments she could fly, in some she’d die
Hard as she tried, she tried only enough to sigh
The blue-lipped girl outgrew the world of her own
Sung to her own heart beats
Yet danced in another’s shoes

Some shoes were small and some were safe
In some shoes she felt sane
In some a warm, gentle rave
Some shoes stirred reflections
After she’d lost a sense of direction
But the blue-lipped girl
Stiff-necked and hedonistic
Steadfast as her emotions swirl
Becomes sophisticated and esoteric
The blue-lipped girl still lived in a world of her own
Sung to her own heartbeat
And danced in familiar shoes

Soon the shoes were fewer
And the music milder
Making gloominess easier
And emotions wilder
She looked from inside herself
And thought, “oh, what a life!
I shall wish myself an elf
And best embrace a dive”
So embrace she did and oh! what wonders she found
That God created her and all creatures unalike
With powers alike to concoct their own stories
Whichever emotions
Whatever dreams
All aspirations
In however frames
So The blue-lipped girl learned to live in her world
To sing to her own heartbeat
To dance in her own shoes

Soon she’d come to learn that no one is a victim of circumstance
Soon she realized that ecstatic or blue, she is the mastermind
Like the potter moulds to the shape desired
She too can design a life of hers
A life full of happiness and glee
A life independent of someone else’s presence
Or their feelings
Or their regrets
Mood swings
Or their despair
She too is an alchemist
And every moment can be made joyous if she but put her mind in a happy space
Being joyful at the thought of having good things and having them realized,
She lingered in awe at how much power she had
To be or not to be
Whatever she wished to see
Now the blue-lipped girl dances all day long
In self-made bespoke shoes
Singing unabatedly, a beautiful, timeless song


It’s the feel of soil mixed with water
The firmness
The grittiness
The joy that develops from it sprouts out into lovelies
How you make me feel is such an immense fire
It’s the fire that awakens a dead soul
It’s the heat from which all coldness is drawn apart
It’s the light that meanders it’s rays deep into the heart
One that appeals to no aid in performing its duties
One that almost effortlessly sets aside life’s beauties
As a Deity to revere
Your voice is a thing to treasure
Tearing my soul and livelihood apart
Your face is beauty beyond measure
For your feet
Begging my heart’s redemption
I’d make a dart



My life stays still
As the seconds trudge into minutes running into hours
The days walk past me
And I effortlessly
Stay still

Peace is expensive yet
Peace is no luxury
Peace is evasive
A load of it is treachery
Bolt with my peace,Mother Earth
In its stead help me see
As The days walk past me
And I effortlessly
Stay still

At my journey’s end
May I stare my feet in the sand
May I be victorious
May that victory be glorious
May I stare long enough
Oblivious to the days’ passage
While I effortlessly,
Almost Rudimentarily,
Remain still

Photo credit: Flickriver



Whenever I run out of songs,
Please play me Your laughter’s sound
The safety in your silence
The beauty in your presence
The serenity in your story
There’s peace in this sweetness
So when the arrows run back
Don’t wish those were daggers
This nappy hair heals a heart’s crack
It only brought comfort to our fathers
Let your mind travel
and my heart will settle
You’re a lion in a bubble
and I a complacent beetle
A journey for your silence
A journey that won’t go wrong
whenever your soul is on a voyage
I pray you take me along


image. This image reminds me so much of so many yesterdays.

When we awake to the harsh realities of the choices we have made.

    Those ones we can never ever take back or redress. We miss the old “us”.

I miss those moments when I could just be in bed, hold a phone in my left hand, impatiently waiting for my first love’s call. Those were the days!

Those were the moments I felt most alive.

Those were the times I could walk in confidence because someone’s got my back. Got my back. Not my body. Continue reading ““JOY””

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