…I move ahead to look for the screens to spot my check-in period and boarding gate number. It wasn’t so difficult anyways. So I moved to the counter and I’m told by the only attendant of S7, who can speak English quite well that moment, that I need to go back for my baggage. She was kind enough to direct me to go straight ahead to the last end and take the right turn from there, “you don’t have much time so you need to…..”, and then she started making motions to suggest running…”I need to run?”, I asked with a smile, admiring her efforts and ow bad things could have been if she wasn’t there to communicate with me.i thanked her and set off to face torture. I followed the exact direction and was old that was only for exits and I needed to use the ‘staff entrance’. Thankfully every no ice at this airport that is in Russian has an English interpretation beneath it. Sadly the only gate I saw that had ‘Staff only’ item on it as locked. I went back and forth for over 18minutes, asking for directions and following through to dead-ends. Finally I found the entrance and also discovered my flight was in 18 minutes. My heart was pounding at this moment, I know how this statement sounds more of a hyperbole but trust me, I could feel and hear my heart beating I thought it might as well just come out of my chest. At the baggage claim I spent less than 2 minutes, because my luggages were sitting comfortably staring at me dead in the face as though to say, “oh hey! There you are, we’ve been worried about you”. Seeing those two beauties filled my soul with joy. I grabbed a trolley pushed them on it, one on top of the other and sped to check in. A guy attended to me this time, his English way better than the lady who had helped out earlier.
At the security check point I was given rubber socks since my shoes had to go through the X-Ray, which was kind of cute, I must admit, because this is the first airport that has handed me rubber socks while I pass through the point so… Anyway…moving on, I get to the boarding gate and few minutes later an announcement goes that the flight has been delayed for an hour and the boarding gate has been changed. I rushed to the new gate in time to grab a seat because I had been standing for a while. I’m famished and I wish the wi-fi didn’t require a Russian number identification for access, at least I could share my stress with my homies, receive a little teasing and feel ok. *sigh*
The plane finally arrives and the final check in is done. Window seat yaaaay! So Emirate does this thing for its Skyward members, you could choose the sort of entertainment you want as well as your seat preference, and they followed my preferences to the letter except for the flight from Dubai to Moscow when I had to sit in the middle, but that’s ok because I got to meet, Josh, remember?, and had the only conversation I was privileged to throughout this entire trip.
I admired the view beneath. It was pretty, it was pretty! And I experienced one of my favorite things, yet again. The shaking of the plane when it’s taxiing for take off. To me that feels like preparation for a new life, fresh expectations and endless possibilities. Anything can happen when the flight lands, of course anything you give way to happen.
Moscow to Pulkovo, Petersburg took an hour and 10minutes. I’m grateful to the little boy who sat next me with his dad. He helped me communicate with the hostesses and smiled at me. I think I crushed on him a bit?. He was very nice to me, so was his dad.
So flight’s landed I’ve picked up my luggages and I’m hoping there’s someone on the other side holding up a card with my name on it…

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