From 11th January-21st January 2017

Basically, I got home to a lovely lady, Oksana. Oksana is a student and an AIESECer here in Russia, and I’ll be living with her for the rest of my stay.
It was quite interesting how 11th went because we were to have a meeting with our manager at 12noon but it got canacelled and we eventually had to meet some other interns and managers to go sight-seeing. We visited a Cathedral and the famous Hermitage Museum.

With Paola from Columbia in front of the The Church of Spilled Blood

Funny thing is, we didn’t go inside because it was already late so we headed for McDonalds to grab a bite and go back home.

Next day 12th, we visited the Hermitage, again,only this time we had a chance to go in the building and bless us we had our International Student Identity Cards (ISIC) and got to save a few rubles on entry ?.

Shrey from India

The Hermitage is a very large museum with art pieces from Britain, France, Greece etc. It also holds an exhibition of crockery used centuries ago in Russian palaces, clothing, furniture etc.

The entrance to the main exhibition halls of the museum. And yes, everything you see around me that ‘looks’ like gold actually IS

There’s a famous saying that if one is to spend a minute on each painting inside the Hermitage, it’ll take 2years to fully see all of the paintings in this museum…creepy? Impossible? Well…I believe it.

I was in there for over 2 hours and that period got me through only about 40 paintings I think. I had a nice time in there.
The rest of the days after that mainly consisted of honoring invitations to Language schools in the city to engage students in discussions of various topics which are captured in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG); education, inequality etc. and also speak about Ghana, our culture and traditions, teach them a we songs, dance, basically make a presentation on my country. And this was fun and exciting.
The first lesson was with teenagers and I had my colleagues from Hong Kong and India join in for the lesson.

I learnt a lot about their cultures and we had a healthy discussion.
The other lessons were mostly with pupils between 6th grade and 9th grade. That was fun too.

And my last lesson, which is the GREATEST, was with preschoolers.

I loved, loved, loved it. It was challenging to connect with them on a very simple and ordinary level, I really do not know why. So when I found my grounds after out-doing myself, I had so much fun, the kids did too. I wish I could see the, again and relive these beautiful moments.


And guess who got a drawing of themself. ? Don’t mess with my hair ?

I have only 18 days more in this lovely city, doing my best to represent my country and enjoy my stay to the fullest. Only 18 days ?

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