These past few days I’ve felt so much love and light;

As Miss Tamara, a teacher in the first Lingua school I visited, spoke about GOD, I felt my soul lifted and so much comfort crept in. She spoke about joy and happiness, ‘it’s not so shocking that even in the Holy Bible, we are not encouraged to find ‘happiness’ but only to be of ‘good cheer’ and find ‘joy’. what does that tell you? You need to enjoy your life no matter how it looks’

It was in the eyes of little Maggie. It glistened as she laughed while KWAKU and I clapped and cheered after she sang her ABC song so well on the last video call

I saw it in Shrey’s eyes as he smiled with so much content after I jumped up in joy and hugged him-he had said I could actually keep the book I took from him

In Nina Simone’s eyes in a live performance of “DON’T LET ME BE MISUNDERSTOOD”

In Worlasi’s voice

In Nat King Cole’s songs

In Brymo’s voice

In my mother’s voice as she told me the only thing that can help me is prayer. The only thing I need to do is to pray

I felt it when the old man sitting opposite to me in the metro smiled at me when I looked up laughing helplessly at a text I had just read from the book I’m reading currently.

It was in Abena’s voice on those voice notes, narrating something that had happened earlier in the day or talking about M or R.S

It’s in my morning view- a kindergarten playground partly covered with snow. And with how the kids still find a way to move around the swing sets, jumping and laughing

In the eyes of two lovers I saw at the metro station staring endlessly into each other’s eyes. They smiled a few seconds after what felt like a forever and he tucked the hair that found its way into her face behind her ears and kissed her on the nose and moved her head into his bosom and planted a kiss on her head

In all the text messages I wake up to from my family and friends

In the joy that sprang out from the beautiful souls of the preschool kids in my last class

There’s so much love and light in knowing I’m having the time of my life. That being here and doing this to change the world and touch lives daily is gradually making me a better person, a stronger spirit, a lovely young woman and a care free spirit

In my mighty yearning for my one true love to quit all efforts to forget about me and move on. And my stupid inability to go through a day without thoughts of him occupying my heart and mind. So much light and love in my relentless yearning to be called “lil girl”. Again

There’s so much light and love, and softness even, when I look at the image I see in the mirror lately- a portrait of a usurper

So much love and light in Kwaku’s sweet advice to ‘clear the table’ and place on it fresh stuff to be worked on

So much light and love in the beautiful miracles I see daily after I go down on my knees and bow my head in humility against all odds. Things happen when you go down on your knees

There’s so much light and love. Find it. Bask in it


Artwork by: Godwin Mitchual

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