Yes I missed you all too
I have a new phone now. Yay! Can you guys believe I was using a Samsung galaxy pocket? Yes! I know that could be the first phone you bought or used. Whatever! I have a new phone now. And it’s kind of cool that i can type out posts right here from my phone. I’m just super excited and thankful that it all worked out in the end.

So what I’ve been up to lately is packing up my stuff a little each day. I have only 5 more days here in St Pete and I’m beginning to get all emotional each day.
I did my laundry two days ago, bought a few stuff for the homies (yes I’m sweet like that). Also, I’ve been enjoying the blessed scent from my two-month-old braids- it’s totally amazing.

I love it. I love it.
School has reopened and lectures have are already in session. So the thing is that throughout the vacation I kept thinking school was set to reopen within the first week of February. I have no idea why I believed that and I just didn’t check to be completely sure about that. I booked my flight within the second week of February. And I’ve missed a whole week of lectures already.

And hopefully I’m missing next week’s as well. Cheers to me!
I miss my family
I miss my friends

I miss my roommates
I miss my floor neighbors back in Mensah Sarbah Hall, my floor representative especially- a hardworking young lady! Kudos Angie!
And I miss my Hall president. Nii Kommey is just there to help anytime. Such a humble, determined and hardworking, and short gentleman ?
I just miss my room
And my bed
And my pillows
And my locker
I miss my hot plate and my self-designed kitchenette
I miss Ghana. I miss the food

In the next 5 days I’ll share with you what has been my source of strength throughout my stay here. It’s been fun, this journey, but it sure has not been easy

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