Hi, I’m ESI.

I grew up in a large family, with lots of boys, lots of fascinating boys. When I was about 7 or 8 my mother got baptized as a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I started taking lessons with two amazing missionaries, Elder Larbi and Elder Duff- I enjoyed their company so much even at that tender age. I grew up a Mormon, never missed church. when I was sick I’d still go and return better. I loved my friends in the Primary class (Sunday school class for kids in the church), we sang and laughed. Some primary songs I now consider uncomfortable for my intelligence- how does popcorn pop on an apricot tree!?
I was seeded in my faith and believes till I got to the University. I met great individuals who were not members of the church. I learned a great deal from them and I hope they did from me as well. But they challenged my faith and beliefs. Their presence and questions and general curiosity got me to learn more about the church I knew to be true, the beliefs I held dear, I had to learn and pray and learn and pray to strengthen my faith and make them see why I had that joy and strength in being Mormon. It made me happy when this happened, I wouldn’t have wanted to have that conviction any other way than through hardwork and real intent.
As a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I have grown to love my favorite book, THE BOOK OF MORMON.

One of my favorite verses, Alma 26:35

Now, as a gentle reminder, the Book of Mormon does not replace the Bible, it is another testament of Jesus Christ (like the old and new testaments, it simply testifies of the Living GOD and strengthens the testimonies and truthfulness of all the principles of our Religion and the sovereignty of a Heavenly Father)
There are a number of values I hold dear; honesty, integrity, the beauty of a chaste life and the awesome strive in staying pure. Challenging, but a truly sweet process. I wish you consider that too! There’s this peace and calm and joy that comes with a determination to stay chaste.
I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I am just like you. I had a normal education (in my definition of normal; early childhood development, basic school, junior and senior high schools, university). My friends are members of my church, a good number of my greatest friends are not, (which is very normal for a young Latter-Day Saint adult, trust me)
I have this blog where I occasionally speak out on things I really want to talk about, or when I’ve been inspired to do so by others.
I loooooooooove wrist watches. I love books; Ama Ata Aidoo, Ayikwei Parkes, Chimamanda Adichie, Oscar Wilde, Paulo Coelho, Khaled Hosseini. I love the color teal. I love movies. And I love LOVE (i think it’s…..wonderful) I love great friendships, I have a friend who is a sucker for spring rolls. Once in a while I buy spring rolls to relive the moments I had with him before he left for Europe.
I read the Bible. I love being in good company. I love Manchester United (you can cry me a river ?)
I am on all social media platforms (most of it I mean), and all my Mormon friends are too.
I love that as humans we can decide for ourselves those standards and values we wish to hold dear. I believe in the sanctity and beauty of marriage and families. I love nature. And I believe in a Supreme Being. Larry King is the LOVE OF MY LIFE. In an interview with George Galloway he said, “one of the things I like about Judaism is that it says, ‘ok you don’t have to believe, lead a good life, if there’s something else, fine, if there’s nothing, you led a good life’. so that’s how I look at it”. In my view, you can still believe, if there’s something else, fine, if there’s nothing you still led a good life- you have absolutely nothing to lose.
I have a clear faith in a Father in Heaven who loves and cares for us all. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ do too. They are not strange, or starkly different from Christians in other sects or denominations. It will amaze you to know the kind of normal things we do, like enjoying a chocolate bar ? Some of them will make you laugh out.
Over the next few weeks, the blog will feature young adults, Mormons of course, who you surely will have a lot in common with, and I promise you’ll enjoy their stories so stay tuned.

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