This week has been great. On Tuesday I took a virtual course that I’ve been preparing for in a while. It was totally worth it. I love the lessons I took from that. Ewuraba is able to sit without support now and she finally likes her pacifier. This week she’s taken some purée. She’s tried apple, carrots, and potatoes so far, and loves clementines and grapes too. Her excitement when we bring our meals to the dining table also makes us smile. We know she’s totally so ready for some solids.

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On my dad’s 60th birthday (two months ago), we (my older siblings and I) decided to do some really cool, kind, lovely things for him. One of which was to show up at his place of worship on Sunday without his knowledge. He was thrilled and truly surprised. The church leader ended his sermon with the importance of a ‘benediction’ and extended it to offering benedictions over the people around us.

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