This week has been great. On Tuesday I took a virtual course that I’ve been preparing for in a while. It was totally worth it. I love the lessons I took from that. Ewuraba is able to sit without support now and she finally likes her pacifier. This week she’s taken some purée. She’s tried apple, carrots, and potatoes so far, and loves clementines and grapes too. Her excitement when we bring our meals to the dining table also makes us smile. We know she’s totally so ready for some solids.

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One of my favorite Bible stories is a moving one of a strong and mighty man, who also was a leper, and his quest to be made whole. He travelled from Syria to Israel to be healed because he had heard from one of his servants that he could be healed there. The King of Syria sent a letter to the King of Israel that he may heal his servant, Naaman, of his leprosy. The king was somewhat disturbed and further agitated. He did not understand why the Syrian king could think he could heal a leper. Prophet Elisha heard of the outrage in the palace and suggested to the king that this leper be sent to him that he may heal him.
When Naaman arrived at Elisha’s door, Elisha gave a directive to be given to him to go wash himself in the River Jordan seven times and be healed. Naaman was furious. He reckoned the healing process should involve some great proceedings or activities; perhaps laying on of hands, Elisha coming up to him to call GOD’s name and staging a ‘great’ scene to recover him- anything aside washing himself in Jordan. Not only did this directive appear too simple to him, he also felt that if washing of his body in a river was the sure way to his cure, there were rivers in Damascus that were better than all the waters in Israel and he could equally receive healing from those. He was enraged! As he went away in anger, one of his servants came up to him and said, “my father, if the prophet had bid thee do some great thing, wouldest thou not have done it? How much rather then, when he saith to thee, wash, and be clean?”. He reasoned with his servant and obeyed Prophet Elisha’s command and he was healed. He dipped himself in Jordan seven times and came out whole.

Story from 2 Kings 5

The Israelites when they were plagued with fiery serpents, were commanded to simply look to the brazen serpent Moses lifted, and live!

Story found in Numbers 21

Think about it, you’re being bitten by serpents and what seems to be your only  salvation is to simply raise your head, and set you eyes on a brazen image. Not some herbs to stop the poison from extending to other parts of your body, not a bandage to immobilize the poison, not some charm or killing of these snakes, but simply looking up! Simple and Strange isn’t it?
Both stories hold very powerful lessons.
All the time, the solution we crave are in the very simple and easy tasks or options.
But why does it seem so much of a Herculean task to do the simple things that’d save us in certain circumstances? Is it because we do not believe something as simple or easy could actually be the solution? Or do we rather think that our predicament, as complicated as it is, deserves solutions as complicated and demanding?
I have been faced with several unfortunate series of events, and I did know that kneeling before GOD could greatly be of help. That option remained in my memory for a larger part of that period as I rather got engaged with my thoughts, spoke to people about this problem, trying somewhat to solve my problems by myself- all by myself. I whiled away useful time, or should I say, wasted time. I spent hours that moved into days just in thoughts and speaking to a few people for suggestions on solutions. But, if i had spent a few minutes on my knees, intentionally speaking to a loving Heavenly Father who is and will always be willing to help, it’d all have worked out. Do you occasionally feel that it’s ‘suitable’ or better to speak with someone you can actually see that one you merely believe is there, somewhere in the Universe? GOD is not merely there, somewhere in the Universe.
He is all things in all things.
He’s in the trees,
the chirping of the birds,
each pair of eyes you look into,
Every smile,
Every laughter
Every teardrop
He’s simply always there!

And His love is simply always there for us all. Whether we feel we deserve that love or not.
It is a much wiser option to actually turn to what we know can ease our pain, provide us guidance and direction and make our lives easier, even if this option appears easy or too simple at first- “by small and simple things great things are brought to pass!”
So instead of comparing the easiest and simple options to your “better rivers in Damascus” why not spend lesser time actually trying that simple option (which you know will work) out.
Life can be very easy, you know. So don’t complicate it. Your ‘wash and heal’, ‘look and live’ could be prayer, it could be scripture study or something worthwhile which may appear easy and too simple initially. But please do not be fooled by the simplicity of what really matters. Of what could  be your only salvation. Just try it out first. When faced with any problem or troubles, it may appear simple considering the weight of the problem, but pray first. It could be a short and simple one asking your Father in Heaven to give you guidance or comfort or peace of some sort. Though you may not think that this could help (and you don’t have to because GOD’s thoughts are higher than your thoughts), spend a little time and try it out. And the truth is, the simple ways always are the right ones. Don’t waste time thinking about ‘the better rivers in Damascus’. WASH AND HEAL, LOOK AND LIVE! Trust me, it works. ALL THE TIME!


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