There are some words to describe life; amusing, special, a journey, a construct filled with the breath of GOD. Now pause, take a few seconds and reflect on the meaning of life. How will you describe life? How will you describe your life?
Often times I’m tempted to believe that life is about the other; the other person, the other thing you actually need and not the one you want, the other healthy thought and not the one that diminishes and sets your value at naught- the other.
Our life is a game of oppositions- a battle. And the existence of others, more often that not, counts as such opposition. Life is essentially a probationary state. Luckily for us there is so much around us to help us conquer this voyage. You can name as many of those things as you deem fit but one that makes your list incomplete is the other- the other human being. If life is a construct filled with the breath of GOD then He exists in everything you see. HE is everything you see. God dwells in plant life. In the stars, the sun, the moon. Every human is a god. In Matthew 25:40 we learn that inasmuch as we have done it unto one of the least of our brethren, we have done it unto GOD. Gilbert Keith Chesterton, a British poet and philosopher beautifully describes our allegiance to each other, “we are all in the same boat in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty”. The role of the other human in this mortal life is brilliantly exquisite and we need to be grateful for the gods all around us.

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